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NITE classes

Free online classes from the Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel + NITE-ensemble, every Tuesday and Wednesday during your lunchbreak at 13:00 (CEST).

It’s time for a quarantine pick-me-up, in case you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a body or a voice and use it together, during these spatial and social restrictions. So our interdisciplinary ensemble will bring you NITE-flavored classes in dancing, performing, moving and acting. Some classes have limited availability, so make sure you subscribe to join.

TUE 19/5 Angela: bit.ly/NITEclass17
WED 20/5 Harold: bit.ly/NITEclass18

🎧 For the best experience, we recommend you listen to our classes via wireless headphones
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// Nederlands //
Gratis online lessen van het Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel + NITE-ensemble, iedere dinsdag, woensdag en donderdag tijdens je lunchpauze om 13:00 uur. Het is tijd voor een quarantaine pick-me-up, voor het geval je bent vergeten hoe het voelt om een lichaam en een stem te hebben, die je samen met anderen kunt bewegen, tijdens deze ruimtelijke en sociale beperkingen van afgelopen weken. Daarom geeft ons interdisciplinaire ensemble lessen in dansen en acteren, in de NITE-smaak. Sommige lessen hebben een beperkt plek, dus schrijf je in om mee te doen.

🎧 Om de beste ervaring te krijgen, raden we je aan om onze lessen te beluisteren met een draadloze koptelefoon
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THIS WEEK at 13:00

▶ Tuesday May 19 – Angela Herenda
“My class is best described as a guided movement improvisation. Open to whoever wants to join, be it professional movers or enthusiast movers or just any kind of movers. You will be told to turn inward and listen – to your body and to my voice and translate the instructions in which ever way you see fit. There is music there to guide you, if your imagination runs dry. We will scan our bodies and reimagine them, reinterpret the space we are in, find more space between our bones and light little fires along the way. And before you know it – you are dancing!”

SIGN UP: bit.ly/NITEclass17

▶ Wednesday May 20 – Harold Luya
“In my Luya Rhythm Dance Workout, we’ll focus not just on busting some great new moves. It’s equally about building stamina, gaining strength, finding a rhythm, happy vibes and having fun.
Open to anyone with a positive attitude (or in dire need of one) and some sweat to shed.”

SIGN UP: bit.ly/NITEclass18

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