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Could we ask you a few times a year, digitally, for your most honest opinion?

(It doesn’t matter if you have ever seen a NITE show or not)

Yes! I would like to give my opinion!

NITE is a movement initiated by Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni + Asko | Schönberg + Slagwerk Den Haag. NITE means: National Interdisciplinary Theater Ensemble. Together we make at least one big production per year that goes on tour in The Netherlands and Flanders. We form an interdisciplinary ensemble of actors, dancers and musicians. Director Guy Weizman won for the show ‘’Salam’’ the Directors Award 2018 at the Dutch Theater Festival.

NITE is currently touring the Netherlands with Brave New World 2.0. The show received 5 ***** from the NRC.


NITE needs to know

We’re convinced that there are more people out there who will like the NITE performances, but haven’t found their way to the theater yet. Maybe because they feel like the theater is not for them, or that you have to go all dressed up smartly, that it’s boring, or that the actors shout out too long of a monologue while standing naked on stage. It is up to us, the marketing staff of Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni, (Mintsje, Jannes, Daphne, Margaret and Bo) to convince those people to try to visit the theater.

We would very much like to test our plans and ideas in advance more often. Does a certain text appeal to you? What does a poster image tell you? Is this a theme that concerns you? But also: are we actually clear? Do you understand what is written here? How can we stand out better and how do we ensure that we are visible? Is our website clear? What information do you miss in the program booklet?

The question

So the question is whether we can add your email address to our ‘’NITE Needs To Know’’ mailing list. You’ll receive an e-mail with a question from us a few times a year (max. 15 times, promised!). Every response is welcome, short but powerful or an extensive plea, everything helps.

Put me on that list!

The reward

Time = money and there’s no such thing as a free lunch. True that. See here the ‘’NITE Needs To Know’’ rewards:

Responded 3 times

Thank you! We ask for your address and as a thank you, we’ll send you the textbook of the show that we’re currently touring with.

Responded 5 times

Thank you. We ask for your address and as a thank you, we’ll send you the textbook of the show that we are currently touring with. You will also receive the ZINE, a super nice book of the illustrations that eight illustrators from all over the Netherlands made for the show Brave New World 2.0.

Responded 10 times

You rock! Textbook, ZINE and the only really limited edition F * ck Monday’s Weekendbreak mug. Believe us, you want that mug.

More than 10 responses

Wow. What an effort. Of course you get the textbook, the ZINE and the one and only limited edition F * ck Monday’s Weekendbreak mug. But we also like to offer you 1 free ticket for a show of your choice, in a city of your choice.



Mon 20 May 20:00

Brave New World 2.0

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Wed 15 May 20:00
Tue 14 May 20:00
Sat 11 May 20:30

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